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Jaura Group is a name to reckon with, in a diverse range of industries.

The company with its base in India has successfully floated a number of ventures with an enviable reputation in the most popular industries. It has tied up with some of the biggest corporations in the world, emerging as a leader in the respective markets.

Nationally, the group has made a significant impact with its successful ventures in real estate, mining, aviation and film production. The group has made quite a name for itself through its various joint ventures and subsidiaries in the respective industries.

The group’s popularity is a direct result of its reliance on its core values; creating customer centric solutions, offering an amicable work environment to the team and an unwavering focus to assume the mantle of leadership in the target markets.

The Jaura Group is driven by the belief to bring about transformation in the various industries by introducing a change from within and without.

The group is working hard following a simple philosophy; tomorrow can be shaped, by the efforts made today.